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2006 Title Index
  • A Privilege, Not a Burden, A M. Brooks, MD. 31:13(December)
  • Altering the Hormone-free Interval With Extended-cycle Contraception, Portman D. 31:1-4(September)
  • An Ounce of Prevention: Axioms to Consider When Entering Practice, R T. Burkman, MD; J H. Hughesian, JD. 31:30-33(September)
  • Anemia in Pregnancy: An Update, J G. Ninia, MD. 31:60-64(October)
  • Anxiety Disorders in Women Part 2: Pharmacotherapy , T L. Skaer, BPharm, PharmD; D A. Sclar, BPharm, PhD. 31:23-28(August)
  • Anxiety Disorders in Women, Part I: Prevalence, Trends, and Psychotherapy , T L. Skaer, BPharm, PharmD; D A. Sclar, BPharm, PhD. 31:20-27(July)
  • Bacterial Vaginosis: Diagnosis and Therapy, B L. Elkins, MD et al. 31:41-46(August)
  • Clinical Uses of Aromatase Inhibitors: Beyond Breast Cancer, M F.M. Mitwally, MD et al. 31:50-58(October)
  • Communication and the Dissatisfied Patient, Part 1, R T. Burkman, MD; J H. Hughesian, JD. 31:28-30(December)
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans, J Schmaderer, MS, RD; J Unger, MD. 31:34-40(September)
  • Elimination and Alteration of the Hormone-free Interval: Reasons and Methods, P J. Sulak, MD. 31:1-7(November)
  • Elimination and Alteration of the Hormone-free Interval: Reasons and Methods, Educational support provided by Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. 31:1-8(November)
  • Endometriosis, Part 2: Surgery for Symptom Relief and Infertility, D R. Grow, MD; A L. Hsu, MD. 31:54-58(December)
  • Endometriosis: Part 1: Clinical Diagnosis and Analgesia, D R. Grow, MD; A Hsu, MD . 31:62-68(November)
  • Evaluation and Management of Common Breast Complaints, K B Thompson, MD; J Keehbauch, MD. 31:28-38(October)
  • HELLP Syndrome: Diagnosis, Management, and Long-term Outcome , L Ghulmiyyah, MD, C Stella, MD, and B M. Sibai, MD. 31:59-64(September)
  • Hereditary Thrombophilia and Thrombocythemia in Pregnancy, Gokhan Anil, MD et al. 31:35-39(July)
  • Home Delivery for Patients at Low Risk Pro and Con, E Mielcarski, CNM, MS, NP, R Waldman, MD. 31:36(December)
  • Increasing Use of Emergency Contraception, B Clark, RN, MSN, MPH; B Jordan, MD. 31:44-45(December)
  • Is Menstruation Necessary?, P J. Sulak, MD, S Rako, MD. 31:43-44(November)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre la Alimentación durante el Embarazo, . 31:69-70(October)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre la Anticoncepción de Emergencia, . 31:63-64(December)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre la Atrofia Vaginal, . 31:69-70(September)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre la Endometriosis, . 31:73-74(November)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre la Vaginosis Bacteriana , . 31:49-52(August)
  • Lo que Usted debe Saber sobre los Nutracéuticos, . 31:53-54(July)
  • Managing Postmenopausal Dyspareunia: Beyond Hormone Therapy , T Y Rosenbaum, PT. 31:24-30(November)
  • Metabolic Effects of Antipsychotic Medications, John Muench, MD, MPH. 31:46-56(November)
  • Noncontraceptive Health Benefits of Hormonal Contraception, B Clark, RN, MSN, MPH; R T. Burkman, MD. 31:42-48(October)
  • Nutraceuticals and Arthritis: Weighing the Evidence, M Singh, PharmD et al. 31:14-18(July)
  • Ovarian Cancer: It’s Time to Act, L P. Shulman, MD. 31:10-11(November)
  • Over-the-counter Emergency Contraception, S A. Crockett, MD,I Abbasi Hoskins, MD. 31:47-48(October)
  • Overview of Vaginitis: Office-based DNA Testing, Brown HL. 31:1-6(August)
  • Partnering to Achieve a Diverse and Healthy Geographic Region, T W. Starz, MD. 31:10-11(September)
  • Premyomectomy Uterine Fibroid Embolization for Massive Uterine Enlargement, Jay Goldberg, MD, MSCP et al. 31:33-35(December)
  • Preoperative Cardiac and Pulmonary Evaluation and Risk Reduction: A Brief Review , A Amsterdam, MD. 31:15-20(August)
  • Reminding Us of Our Purpose, M P. Trolice, MD, FACOG, FACS, FACE. 31:23-33(September)
  • Reproductive Health and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Lesbian Women, B Clark, RN, MSN, MPH; J Marrazzo MD, MPH. 31:38-40(August)
  • Robotics: The Next Step in the Evolution of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, Arnold P. Advincula, MD Department Editor Arnold P. Advincula, MD Department Editor A P Advincula, MD. 31:14-19(October)
  • Screening Newborns for Inherited Metabolic Disease, M F. Browning, MD, MPH; D L. Marsden, MD. 31:18-27(December)
  • Septic Pelvic Thrombophlebitis: An Update, G. Ventolini, MD; E.L. Mathews, MD. 31:35-40(November)
  • Should We Offer Elective Primary Cesarean Delivery?, W. Benson Harer, MD, Frank A. Chervenak, MD, Robin B. Kalish, MD, Laurence B. McCullough, PhD. 31:45-46(September)
  • Smoking and Nonrespiratory Cancers in Women, K Ricchetti et al. 31:53-58(September)
  • Soy Consumption and Cholesterol Levels, T B. Clarkson, DVM. 31:31-33(August)
  • Special Delivery, Military Style, John Mirabello, MD. 31:22-23(November)
  • The Cervical Cancer Vaccine: Getting Off to a Good Start, M A. Steller, MD. 31:9-10(October)
  • The Impact of the Women’s Health Initiative on the Perimenopausal Woman, P J. Sulak, MD. 31:46-53(December)
  • The Practice of Evidence-based Medicine, D Kammerer-Doak, MD. 31:10-13(July)
  • The Young Woman’s Initial Gynecologic Visit, G D. Hewitt, MD. 31:25-29(September)
  • Thrombophilia and Adverse Maternal-Perinatal Outcomes, C L. Stella, MD et al. 31:42-48(July)
  • Thyroid Disease: A Primer for the Care of Midlife Women, Cynthia A. Stuenkel, MD. 31:39-43(December)
  • Transvaginal Reconstructive Mesh: The Evidence is Lacking…, L Brubaker MD, MS. 31:11-12(December)
  • Tuberculous Peritonitis Mimicking Ovarian Cancer, J E. Fajardo, MD et al. 31:48-52(September)
  • VAGINAL ATROPHY, Krychman ML. 31:1-6(September)
  • Video Games, Sports, and the Art of Surgery, A P. Advincula, MD. 31:13-14(August)
  • What You Should Know About Bacterial Vaginosis, . 31:49-50(August)
  • What You Should Know About Emergency Contraception, . 31:61-62(December)
  • What You Should Know About Endometriosis, . 31:71-72(November)
  • What You Should Know About Nutraceuticals , . 31:51-52(July)
  • What you should know about Nutrition During Pregnancy, . 31:67-68(October)
  • What You Should Know About Vaginal Atrophy, . 31:67-68(September)
  • What’s New in Osteoporosis Management, B Ettinger, MD. 31:26-38(October)

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